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2018 Super Break Mementos Case RANDOM HIT Group Break #3596


Break Date : Thursday, December 13th @ 4 PM EST

Every spot purchased will get you 1 GUARANTEED HIT from the break! If we hit more than 40 Items we will random the list of participants and starting from the top we will distribute additional hits!!!

You can watch the break in our LIVE ROOM and join the chat!

All breaks are loaded to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL after the breaks for that evening are finished. 

If you have any questions about how Group Breaks work you can check out the How It Works section of The Clubhouse! 

Make sure your Shipping Information is up to date before checking out! We ship to the address attached to the order. 

Make sure to ‘share’ your order on Social Media to earn additional Rewards Points! We grow because of YOU and want to say ‘Thank You’ to those who spread the word about this incredible community! 



A Premium Deluxe release featuring THE GREATEST EVER in
Sports, Music, Entertainment, Celebrity, Politics and Presidents

This Deluxe release will give collectors the great feeling of pulling ” Collection Defining Hits” as our premium releases have in the past.

Find The greatest in Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Golf, Boxing, Track & Field, Olympics, Racing
Presidents, Influencers, Business Giants, Artists, Musicians, Actors, Celebrity & Space
from the past and present

Each unit contains at least 40 items

1 The Bar 1/1 or Mementos 1/1 Original Piece
Beckett Slabbed 5X7 per unit

Look for HOT BOXES that contain 3-4 The Bar 1/1 or Mementos 1/1 per box
Look for HOT BOXES that contain 100 HITS PER UNIT !!!